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    Chocolate Gifts, Bars and Baskets

    Stock up on gourmet chocolate gift baskets, and other chocolates delivered right to your door.

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    Make A Perfect Chocolate Cake

    Sweeten All Your Get-Togethers With These Tasty Chocolate Cake Recipes Today!.

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    Chocolate Fountain Supplies

    Commercial Chocolate Fountains, Home Chocolate Fountains, Skewers, and Lots of Chocolate!

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    Two Menu Options

    Dropdown Menu is a CSS based system, with advanced features such as multiple columns and inline modules.

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  • 1 Satisfy Your Chocolate Cravings Now!
  • 2 Why Chocolate Is Actually Good for Women's Health
  • 3 Why the Classic Box of Chocolates Is Still the Number One Gift
  • 4 Stunning Health Benefits of Eating Chocolates
  • 5 Tips on Chocolate for Baking
  • 6 4 Sweet Facts About Chocolate
  • 7 The History of Chocolate
  • 8 How to Make A Cheap and Easy Chocolate Lover's Gift Basket
  • 9 How to Buy Chocolate
  • Satisfy Your Chocolate Cravings Now!

    Buy Chocolate or Bake Chocolate

    Whether you want to make your own chocolate deserts or order chocolate gifts and supplies, we have everything you need to satisfy your sweet tooth!

  • Why Chocolate Is Actually Good for Women's Health

    Indulging in chocolate does not necessarily mean eating unhealthily. In fact there are some studies that prove that chocolate is actually good for you. Learn the secrets behind why chocolate is actually good for women's health in particular.

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  • Why the Classic Box of Chocolates Is Still the Number One Gift

    Are you searching for the perfect way to say sorry to your loved one? Then you need to buy them a box of chocolates. A box of chocolates is still a lovely gift when you add your own personal touch to it. It is a gesture that is still received with appreciation, regardless of the circumstances it is given in
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  • Stunning Health Benefits of Eating Chocolates

    Most of the people leave the habit of eating chocolate once they are grown up adults, as most of us often believe in the myth that eating more chocolates could lead to health problems.
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  • Tips on Chocolate for Baking

    Good quality chocolate bars are fine for melting or finely chopping, but if you want big chunks or decorative shavings, buy a piece from large brick; specialty and many natural food stores sell chocolate like this.
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  • 4 Sweet Facts About Chocolate

    Some people say chocolates are better than sex. Since these two things have different features and classification, one cannot simply surmise that there are comparable reasons why this whimsical statement just might be true.
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  • The History of Chocolate

    The story begins some two millennia ago in the tropical rainforests of the Americas. Although the cacao tree had been around for some time, the natives had never used the beans inside the pods for food. Upon discovering that the seeds could be processed and used as a drink, it quickly caught on with these primitive people.
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  • How to Make A Cheap and Easy Chocolate Lover's Gift Basket

    Gift baskets will always be popular and a great idea to give as a gift. People love to receive gift baskets. Making your own chocolate lover's gift basket is cheap and easy. You can fill it with a variety of inexpensive items and there are lots of choices. You can easily customize each chocolate theme gift basket to your recipient.
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  • How to Buy Chocolate

    Are you thinking about buying some delicious chocolate to splurge on this weekend with your loved one? Perhaps you will purchase a box of chocolates for someone you care about or even make some romantic chocolate-covered strawberries. Well, I've got good news for chocolate lovers everywhere.
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Chocolate Gift Ideas

Choose from great gift ideas like gourmet chocolate, gourmet candy and snacks, and mouth-watering gourmet cookies and cakes.

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Free Shipping

Save even more off our already super low prices by getting free shipping on these select items!

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  • The Mahogany Collection

    Our goal, when creating the mahogany line, was to handcraft the most beautiful chocolate gift box in the world. It was obvious that a noble and rich material was needed to accomplish this objective. We therefore turned towards mahogany for its tight grain and beautiful red undertones. Laden with chocolates comparable to precious gemstones and inspiring the name of each box, the superb craftsmanship of this line will astound you as we wanted to shape a box as exceptional as the treasures inside.
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  • zBox Collection

    The zBox is the culmination of a decade of effort by logisticians, designers, and chocolatiers to revamp the traditional chocolate ballotin. Fashioned to reflect the essence of zChocolat's universe, the result is an unparalleled example of chic, modern lines rendered in elegant black and white.

    Customize all zBoxes from our Institutional line by replacing our logo on a black plate atop the box with a personal photo, corporate logo or a themed-image from our library.

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  • The Basswood Collection

    Considered a token of friendship, affection, and loyalty, the naturally blonde, elegant basswood is an inviting vessel for zChocolat's creations. Finished with a unique serial number carved into the base, this handcrafted finger-joined box is the perfect backdrop for customized gifts.

    Customize all basswood boxes by replacing our logo atop the lid with a carved photo, logo or themed-image from our library.

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